GCS Associates launches The GCS PLEDGE, with the aim to help as many people as possible, who were made redundant during COVID-19, to get back into work.

During COVID-19 many of our friends, colleagues and peers within the Construction, Building Supply & Hire sectors have been affected by redundancies. At GCS, we have spoken to so many talented individuals who are now actively looking for new roles, and we’re committed to supporting them by providing our recruitment services for free.

As recruitment specialists within these sectors, we are making a pledge to help, at least, 21 people who have lost their jobs due to COVID, back into employment.

We’re counting on you to help us.

If you have a vacancy within your business please get in touch to see how you can get involved.

We guarantee we can find the right talent for you
GCS Associates have 15 years experience recruiting withing the Construction, Building Supply and Hire sectors.

You will be supporting the many people who have lost their jobs
Its an unprecedented number.

We wont charge anything for our recruitment services
We’ll act as your recruitment partner; shortlist CV’s and present the best possible candidates for your business.

“The BMF is pleased to endorse GCS’s initiative ‘The GCS Pledge’ – 21 for 2021′. Its a great initiative which runs in parallel with the CLC’s Construction Industry Talent Retention scheme, of which the BMF are a founder member company. We all know people are our most important asset and I encourage all of our members and associates to get behind these initiatives”

John Newcomb, CEO, BMF

Lets stay COVID resilient together.


e: michael.parry@gcsassociates.com
t:  0161 660 2548