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If you’re considering or have ever considered becoming a recruiter, and have experience in industry, there has never been a better time to get on board. GCS Associates has continued to grow over our 15-year history. We now operate in 2 regional offices and have the largest network and geographical coverage of any recruitment company in the Building Supplies and Merchant sector. So, we think we’ve got a fairly good idea about what it takes to be a success in the recruitment world.

The right attitude and personality is a crucial consideration when taking on an employee in any role, and this is especially true in recruitment. Ours is a challenging yet hugely rewarding industry, and what you get out of it is wholly dependent upon what you put in. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded but adopt a half-hearted approach and you can only expect to enjoy limited success.

We hire based on personal strengths and potential, rather than your CV, experience, or background. We believe that ambition, being passionate about people and a desire to be successful are the only prerequisites – everything else, we can teach you. If you’re interested in a career as a Construction Supplies recruiter at GCS Associates, read on:

Construction Supplies sector is booming

When considering a career in recruitment, one thing should stand out – the importance of working in a market that matches your own interests, as well as one that provides opportunities to get involved in an exciting, evolving sector.

The Construction Supplies and Builders Merchant worlds have and are continuing to diversify and thrive post-covid. With sustainability and digitalisation investment increasing a range of jobs opportunities and the construction materials market progressing with ever-changing innovations to products.

Furthermore, despite the wider economic uncertainty, Brexit and COVID, the construction supplies market has remained resilient, with hiring ongoing and companies in this sector largely optimistic about business activity.

As such, there is no shortage of jobs to fill. It’s a busy time to be a recruiter in construction supplies, and a time in which you will have many opportunities to really make a difference to an organisation by finding the right candidate.

The market is diverse and exciting

The construction supplies sector is very diverse and covers a vast array of professional areas including sales, pricing, procurement, marketing as well as other in-demand trades.

Not only does this mean that you have a diverse range of options in which to carve out your niche, but by immersing yourself in any of these professional environments you will learn how the wider construction supplies sector operates, and potentially get involved in some high-profile projects.

This could mean finding talented professionals to open new production warehouses, or providing employees who will help innovate and create new products. There are some very impressive and unique opportunities to get excited by and play an important part in.

Why consider GCS Associates?

Due to our current and historic track record of delivering to our clients, the GCS Associates name holds real gravitas in the industry.

As a result, we can offer new recruits the best starting base to work from – established customer relationships as well as a highly-trusted brand when talking to new people, which, coupled with our access to the best recruitment tools and technology on the market, means that we can support clients and candidates faster and better than the competition.

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6 Reasons you should use a Specialist Construction Supplies Recruiter

Great businesses are built around great people. Our mission is to match the best available talent to vacancies within the construction sector supply chain. We offer employment opportunities within a broad spectrum of positions within the Construction Supplies sector. Specialise in recruiting Executive, C-Level positions down to entry level roles and apprenticeships.

Moving jobs is a big decision and we are here to help you through that process. Available any time of day to assist and inform. We will be with you every step of the way.

Full of industry insight and knowledge

At GCS Associates, we specialise in matching Construction Supply professionals with their perfect role. When you use a specialist recruiter, like us, you gain access to a wealth of industry knowledge and insight. We spend every day helping candidates like you find their next role, so we understand the skills the market is looking for, how pay scales in the industry are moving and the trends that look set to impact the tech sector today, tomorrow and in the future.

Part of an extensive network of connections

Specialist recruiters have spent years building a network of relationships with industry employers, large and small. This means they have access to opportunities that aren’t being posted on job boards. They may also have access to the companies they work with exclusively, meaning you won’t find those roles elsewhere, or they can discover and suggest new roles to you that could be the perfect fit.

Expert negotiators

Negotiating a job offer with a potential employer can be daunting. But being a good negotiator is part of a recruiter’s job description. They can act as a middleman or a buffer between you and the employer, making it easier to navigate offers and counteroffers. They can also provide advice on how to ask for additional benefits, flexible working and more.

Able to guide you through the process

Recruiters can offer you guidance and advice on every aspect of the application and interview process. Most recruiters will know how best to structure your CV. A specialist construction supplies recruiter like GCS Associates will also be able to give more specific advice for different careers within the sector or help you understand how your skills can be transferable into other business areas.

A more efficient use of your time

We all know how stressful and time consuming a job hunt can be. Using a specialist recruiter is a much more efficient and effective use of your time. Rather than you spending hours trawling through job boards, employer websites and filling out application forms, a recruiter can do that work for you. Meaning you can spend more time focussing on important tasks like preparing for interviews or taking courses to improve your marketable skills.

Free to use

For candidates, working with a recruiter is fee-free! Recruiters are paid by employers when they fill positions, which gives them an incentive to make sure they are putting forward the best candidates for a role. Pro tip: when choosing a recruiter to work with, take some time to research them. The best recruiters have a proven track record of hiring in your industry and will take the time to learn about you, your passions, and your career goals.

GCS Associates can accelerate your job search and find you the perfect role.

At GCS, we care about making your whole career better, not just finding you your next role. Our consultants are experts in the Construction Supplies and can provide guidance and support so you can find your ideal role and reach your long-term career aspirations.

Be empowered with the latest digital tools. Get a comprehensive CV health check or benchmark your salary against industry standards so you always know what you’re worth.

Upload your CV now or search our latest vacancies.

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Meet The Team: Kimberley Hollis, Recruitment Consultant at GCS Associates

Tell us about your career so far?

I began my career working in a Primary School but, after a few years, I decided that I would like to venture into something different. I then moved my career into the hospitality industry where for 4 years, then COVID struck, lockdown happened, and it was during this time being home with family that I decided I had done my fair share of unsociable hours and was ready to start the next chapter in my career that was more suited to my family life at home.

This is when I started my career in the Merchant industry, working at Buildbase for nearly two years on the counter, I really enjoyed the Merchant industry and learned a lot about the sector from my time there.

Why did you join GCS?

After working in the Merchant sector for a few years, I was looking for a new challenge within the sector where I was still able to work with people and use my customer service skills. I joined GCS, the Merchant Specialist recruitment agency, to dip my feet into something slightly different but still working with the merchants. It was an exciting change, and I am loving every single minute of it!

What’s your role at GCS?

My role at GCS is Recruitment Consultant, specialising in the Construction Supply sector. We are based in a brilliant office in Corby, Northamptonshire .

In general, my role is all about finding people jobs and providing the best shortlist of talent possible for our clients. I assess the job specifications from our clients and then, using my network & our database, source and evaluate potential candidates.

Finding great candidates for our clients is the best part of my job! I also really enjoy getting to know our candidate. I can help job seekers by being able to talk from experience and help them to understand the next steps in their career – helping with interview and presentation prep etc.

What do you do outside of work?

When I’m not at work you can find me around Northamptonshire dressed as a princess and attending children’s birthday parties as a princess entertainer or out and about exploring with my partner.

For more information on GCS Associates retained recruitment and RPO solutions, please get in touch.

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Beesley & Fildes partner with GCS Associates on Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

Beesley & Fildes are experts in building materials across a wide variety of trades, including construction, civil engineering, landscaping, joinery, plumbing & heating, kitchens and bathrooms and roofing.

Beesley & Fildes pride themselves on having the knowledge and experience to advise on product choices, whilst their product specialists ensure they consistently offer the widest range of quality building products at competitive prices.

Since the first branch was established by Robert Beesley in Prescot in 1820, they have remained a family business. With 11 branches, Beesley continues to offer the service you’d expect from a local builder’s merchant but with the added capabilities of a regional network.

Aims & Objectives

Beesley & Fildes were looking for a Recruitment Process Outsourced (RPO) Solution to achieve the following;

• Streamline and improve recruitment service to best in class
• Manage all admin and process in regard to talent attraction and internal staff engagement
• Recruitment of all roles across the business including external and internal requirements
• Manage overall talent acquisition strategy
• On demand candidate attraction including Talent Pipelining and Talent Mapping with the aim of building a medium / long talent pool
• Candidate engagement, interviews and onboarding.

Recruitment Fulfilment

GCS Associates facilitated a complete refresh of the recruitment processes at Beesley & Fildes with great success. By placing a dedicated Talent Acquisition Partner onsite at the Beesley HQ, this meant a dedicated recruitment resource was now available to create consistent and streamlined processes. Within 6 months, 88% of hires resulted from direct sourcing meaning not only more engaged candidates, but considerable cost savings for Beesley & Fildes.

Other recruitment activities fulfilled were

– Internal & external role advertising & interview processes developed
– Internal talent database created
– Candidate management and onboarding processes implemented
– Companywide salary bench marketing review

“Overall, the changing of the process from start to finish has been extremely successful, with superb results in terms of critical vacancies filled. Retention rates are exactly where they now should be. I personally think that’s a true reflection of the benefits of an RPO, not only does it save time and money but the long-term benefits around processes and improved retention rates are a great indication of success.”

Liam Tolan
Onsite Talent Acquisition Manager

“The level of work from GCS Associates has been outstanding, and the recruitment support covered everything we needed including providing an on-site Talent Acquisition Partner to work with us on our resourcing strategy and to build relationships with internal hiring managers. The feedback from our Hiring Managers was very positive and we’ve managed to fill some critical and hard to fill roles very quickly, which has saved us considerable time and money.

The GCS team are approachable, engaging and extremely knowledgeable which landed very well with our business. I highly recommend GCS Associates as a recruitment partner & RPO as a recruitment solution”

James Beesley
Commercial Director, Beesley and Fildes

Key results:
60 roles filled in 6 months across the full range of disciplines such as Trade Counter, Internal & External Sales, Accounting, Admin and Yard staff.

  • Average Candidate Submission Time: 2 days
  • 95% of candidates submitted requested for interview
  • 95% of recruitment campaigns led to offer

“Providing a Recruitment Process Outsourced solution for Beesley has not only taken away the day-to-day admin of recruitment but has significantly sped up the recruitment process, improved recruiting standards and saved money for Beesley on recruitment costs. By recruiting in the Beesley brand, we have also increased brand awareness & engagement with candidates which has really helped with retention. Working with Beesley and Fildes has been genuinely a pleasure. Beesley is a business with real ambition and appetite to embrace change and we’re proud to be part of that.”

Michael Parry
Managing Director, GCS Associates

What we do
GCS Associates are specialist consultancy providing talent acquisition and staffing solutions to the building materials, construction, technical & engineering sectors.

With over 15 years’ experience partnering with a wide range of businesses from FTSE 100s to SME’s & smaller independent businesses – we simply provide the right talent to the best organisations.

At GCS Associates, we work with our clients to find the best recruitment solution for them. If you’d like any advice on recruitment or retention strategy, please get in touch.

t:  0161 660 2548

Is Your Recruitment Strategy Rubbish?

Mine was.

Whenever I worked in a hiring role within the Builders Merchant industry, my strategy (and many others) was to do things as cheap as possible, and I normally exhausted a familiar list as per below:

  • Who do I know I can approach?
  • Who do my colleagues/customers know that we can approach?
  • Who is at a competitor we can try to tempt to join us?
  • Let’s place the cheapest advert on social media & some Job Boards and get the world and their dog to share it in the hope we get a good candidate respond!

I went through the above steps, in this order, and then would hire ‘the best’ from the talent pool that we had (or hadn’t) amassed – pretty poor really and was basically anything to avoid paying a recruitment fee. However, this is still the strategy of many.

Now that I work at a recruitment business of course I am going to bang on in this post and sell you the benefits of using an agency like GCS Associates. However, having been both sides of the fence in this narrow sector I have since learnt some key points…..

What I didn’t realise is recruiting the best talent is a full-time job that involves processes, technology, and experience. When I was a Branch Manager/Area Sales Manager etc. I didn’t have all my time to commit to recruitment. I had my full-time job already, so I tried my best to do both and normally the recruitment suffered. Also, just because someone with a good CV applies/responds to your advert doesn’t mean they are best suited to your role/business – there needs to be an alignment for both client and candidate.

So, what is the solution? 

Work with true, proven, experienced sector specialists who can help you and take this problem away and present you with quality solutions.

It won’t cost you money, it will MAKE you money by hiring the best talent in less time who add value, not to mention all the other benefits having the industries best talent working for you will bring.

GCS Associates are true sector specialists, not just because I say so – they are, that is why I chose to join them. Having worked within the industry ourselves for decades we are best placed to source the best talent, we can also offer so much more than just fee based, contingency recruitment with many tailored service options available to benefit and suit your business needs.

If I had my time again in the Builders Merchant sector, I would have partnered with a specialist agency from the start.

About GCS Associates

From 2 UK offices in the North-West and Midlands, GCS Associates provide specialist recruitment services to the Construction Supply, Manufacturing, Builders Merchant & Hire Sectors. With over 15 years’ experience partnering with a wide range of businesses from FTSE 100s to SME’s & smaller independent businesses – put simply, we provide the right talent to the best organisations.

At GCS Associates, we work with our clients to find the best recruitment solution for them. If you’d like any advice on recruitment or retention strategy, please get in touch with Andy.

t:  0161 660 2548

How to Attract the Best Talent in a Candidate Driven Market

According to Indeed the number of job vacancies across Builders Merchants in the UK is at an all-time high with over 2000 jobs advertised this month alone. This is an increased of 20% Y0Y.

With businesses across all sectors struggling to fill roles, it is certainly now a candidate driven market. Over 50% of businesses reporting a shortage of workers say they are struggling to meet their talent demands due to not only skills/ experience gap but also due to problems with candidate expectations. With benefits like home working, bonuses, flexible working, and higher salaries constantly being discussed, how can businesses ensure they are attracting the right people into their organisation?

Why is it a candidate driven market?

The construction and merchant sectors were one of the few areas of industry which didn’t shut down completely over the COVID-19 lockdowns. It wasn’t exactly business as usual but organisations took this time to digitalise and relook at their strategy. And due to increased spend on construction supplies, our sectors thrived.

However, candidate expectations have also changed. Talented candidates are now seeking better benefits, flexible working, and greater work-life balance. In conclusion, candidates are refusing to go back to long commutes, long days, poor benefits packages, and unclear routes of progression. Businesses haven’t caught up yet that the old processes, benefit packages and not having the ability to adapt to candidate expectation isn’t going to cut it if they want to attract AND retain the talent which will drive their business growth.

How to make your business more attractive to candidates?

To succeed in meeting talent demands in a candidate-short market, employers must concentrate on developing strategies for both attracting and retaining talented employees.

Here are five ways to make your business more attractive to candidates and fulfill changing employee expectations.

1. Review your hiring processes

Hiring processes that may have worked effectively in the past may not be sufficient for today’s market. Revamp your job postings with clear and concise job titles and realistic requirements and expectations. Ensure application forms are simple and easy to fill out and consider removing unnecessary tests and evaluations. Above all, communicate with candidates, respond and schedule interviews quickly.

2. Offer the benefits that employees really want

Employee expectations are changing. Whilst salary remains important, candidates are increasingly seeking other benefits alongside pay. Remote and flexible working practices, health and well-being programmes and subsidised childcare are all popular and can make you stand out as an employer of choice. Employees are more productive and engaged when they are happy. Research what your competitors are offering and put together an attractive package that can persuade talented candidates to apply to you over them.

3. Build a positive and inclusive company culture and tell people about it

Your company culture and employer brand should showcase your values across all your public-facing channels. 68% of millennial’s visit an employer’s social media channels to evaluate their brand, check out their blog, their careers page and are interested in what current and previous employees have to say. Today’s candidates put time into researching the companies they work for and 86% use reviews and ratings on sites like Glass-door to judge a company’s reputation among employees. Utilise testimonials from current employees to articulate to potential candidates that you offer a positive, inclusive, and fulfilling place to work.

4. Invest in your people

Training and development opportunities are critical for attracting and retaining talent. According to a recent survey by CIPD, 59% of millennial’s think that development opportunities are important when deciding to work for a company and a staggering 94% would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. Ensure you have a robust onboarding process and that you clearly define paths to advancement for new starters. Launch training and mentoring schemes to upskill employees in the skills they’ll need for the future and encourage continuous learning as part of your workplace culture.

5. Invest in Employer Branding

It can be challenging, but developing a smart, forward thinking employer brand will not only attract and engage potential employees but motivate and retain current employees too. These days it’s not enough to just invest in marketing products and services, developing a robust employer brand will put your ahead of the competition and make your business really stand out to potential employees.

About GCS Associates

From 2 UK offices in the North-West and Midlands, GCS Associates provide specialist recruitment services to the Construction Supply, Manufacturing, Builders Merchant & Hire Sectors. With over 15 years’ experience partnering with a wide range of businesses from FTSE 100s to SME’s & smaller independent businesses – put simply, we provide the right talent to the best organisations.

At GCS Associates, we work with our clients to find the best recruitment solution for them. If you’d like any advice on recruitment or retention strategy, please get in touch.

t:  0161 660 2548

Meet The Team: Liam Tolan, Account Manager at GCS Associates

Tell us about your career journey so far?
I’ve worked in recruitment for nearly a decade now. I started in retail where I learnt the ropes, then chose the construction sector as my specialist area.

Whilst working for some household names I progressed through to senior account manager from trainee consultant before taking over my current position with GCS, working onsite as Recruitment Account Manager at Beesley & Fildes, a leading independant Builders Merchant.

Why did you join GCS Associates?
Joining GCS was clear career progression and it meant undertaking a long-term recruitment project where I thought I could really add value. Because of the location and flexibility of the position it meant I get to see a lot more of my family AND the position and the project were just too good to turn down.

What does your job involve?
I work onsite for Beesley & Fildes, one of GCS’s RPO clients within the Builders Merchant sector as an “Internal Recruitment Manager”. Based in their head office near Liverpool, I oversee and manage all our client’s recruitment and sourcing, from advertising to interviews and onboarding.

It’s a varied role where I get full autonomy which I love, we are also starting to work on more strategic projects for Beesley like Employer Branding and video creation to attract and engage more talent into the business.

How do your help your stakeholders and candidates?
I’m honest and upfront from the get-go. I think honesty and realistic expectations are paramount in our profession.

Also, biscuits, everyone loves donuts and biscuits!

What are you working on at the moment?
I think an easier question to answer would be what I’m NOT working on.

I’ve got a large long-term project at Beesley – with the mission to streamline their recruitment processes and benchmark salaries across a rapidly growing business that already employs around 350 people.

Day to day recruitment also fills my time to ensure all the branches & our HQ have the right talent in place.

What do you do outside of work?
Two young kids take up a lot of my time, but that’s time that I’ll never get back so I’m keen to spend it wisely with them now.

I’m Irish, so perhaps obligatory to say I don’t mind a pint of stout from time to time. I still play 11-a-side, albeit as a proverbial pensioner, but I still enjoy the odd worldy strike, although it’s becoming few and far between these days.

I am also a HUGE football fan – viva Ronaldo!

For more information on GCS Associates retained recruitment and RPO solutions, please get in touch.

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Meet The Team: Simon Cain, Recruitment Consultant

Tell us about your career journey so far?
My early career was spent working at Reeds Rains Estate Agents in Manchester City Centre. For 8 years, I worked across various offices with a focus on the rental market, and by 2009 I ran the Middlewich Branch over-seeing both sales and rentals.

In 2012 it was time for a new challenge, and I moved to Illingworth Ingham Timber Merchants into the position of Assistant Branch Manager. I then had the opportunity to run the Crompton Road branch in Macclesfield where I increased turnover 2.5 times until moving back to the Hurdsfield branch in 2019 to run the branch.

Why did you join GCS Associates?
After being at Illingworth’s for 10 years it was time for a new challenge. I knew of GCS Associates as they recruit into the Merchant sector and I knew I would have a lot of sector knowledge to bring into the team, as well as sales experience. I started at GCS Associates in Feb 2022 as a Recruitment Consultant covering the Construction Supplies sector.

It’s a refreshing change and a great team to work with every day!

What’s your role at GCS?
Currently my main role is the ‘resourcing’ side of the job which is basically learning the best ways to attract and engage with potential candidates. We use in-depth online searches and relevant advertising to attract the right kind of person for our clients, taking into consideration not just skillset but also culture fit.

The main thing I’ve learnt about recruitment is that job isn’t just waiting for people to reply to adverts – the vast majority of our time is spent actively headhunting for the best candidates.

What kind of roles are you working on at the moment?
Variety is the spice of life and as GCS Associates recruit for every type of position within the Construction Supplies sector, I’ve already recruited for lots of different roles – from Branch Management positions to internal sales and trade counter roles.

What’s the best thing about working at GCS or what gives you job satisfaction?
It’s very satisfying when you know you’re putting the right person into a role that will suit them and the employer.

I am also pleasantly surprised how people are happy to speak to us about their career goals and what might be a good next move for them. This job has changed my perception of the value a good recruitment consultant can bring to both employers and people looking for new jobs.

Tell me about how you help clients and candidates?
Regarding clients, it’s important we build up a picture of exactly what kind of person the client requires. This is crucial and saves a lot of time in the long run as we can then only put forward candidates which are the best fit for their organisation.

This really works – as if we find someone who fits in well to their new job then they will be happier in the role, if they are happier then they will be more productive and if they are more productive then that’s exactly what the employer wants.

It’s just about being helpful, informative, and really listening to our clients and candidates.

What do you do outside of work?
Spending time with my family and I am particularly passionate about most outdoor pursuits like hillwalking and cycling.

My house also needs a lot of work which also keeps me very busy in my spare time!

For more information on how GCS Associates can help your business recruit the best talent in the market, please get in touch.

t: 0161 660 2548

Meet The Team: Bradley Hannah, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Tell us about your career so far?
I originally started my career as an amateur golfer. At the age of 21 after spending 3 years in the USA, I turned professional and traveled to Europe & the Middle East to compete professionally.

I then spent 5 years in the UAE working within Real Estate progressing through the ranks, learning my trade in sales before moving back to the UK. After returning to the UK, I wanted a role that represented the harder I worked the more potential there is, and Recruitment was just that.

I instilled the work ethic I had developed in Dubai into the UK recruitment industry and quickly came to grips with the market. After joining an agency and really enjoying working in the Recruitment sector, I made the decision to work for myself. I focused on Construction and Engineering and really immersed myself in those sectors, gaining a wealth of knowledge which I now gladly bring to the GCS Associates team.

Why did you join GCS?
I joined GCS because I believe in what they’re doing. Their focus on Engineering and my background within Engineering is a great match. I look forward to finding jobs for as many people as possible and bringing onboard my existing clients plus introducing new ones.

What’s your role at GCS?
My job as GCS is a Recruitment Consultant, specialising in Construction and Engineering. My role is to really get to know my clients & their teams then match the best candidates to their business, ensuring not only a skills fit but a cultural fit as well.

This approach really helps with our client’s retention rates and means their new recruits stay with them for a long time!

The absolute best part of my job though, is making the phone call to the successful candidate and telling them they have secured a new position.

It gives me job satisfaction to know I’m helping someone with their career goals!  My hope is to be making those calls more than ever this year and at GCS I have no doubt this will happen.

How do you help Clients & Candidates?
I believe in honesty when it comes to my clients. A lot of recruiters tell clients what they want to hear which in turn leads to failure in the partnership. Transparency is key and it’s important to provide accurate information on the current market.

I also help clients by securing the perfect candidates for their business. This, in turn, means I build long term partnerships and take on the role as trusted recruitment advisor for my clients. It’s important to me that I build long term relationships.

What do you do outside of work?
I continue to play golf. I regained my amateur status upon returning from Dubai and look forward to arranging a GCS Golf Competition for our clients and candidates soon (when COVID allows, of course!).

For more information on how GCS Associates can help your business recruit the best engineering talent in the market, please contact Bradley.

t: 07515 553 468

Meet The Team: Andy Chambers, Business Development Director

Tell us about your career so far?
I began my career as a Yard Assistant at Jewson, straight from school when I was 16. I worked there for 12 years in total, progressing into roles such as Yard and Transport Supervisor, Counter Sales, Internal Sales, External Sales Executive for several branches.

I moved into a Branch Manager role for Build Centre, who Jewson then acquired, then moved to Wienerberger driving sales of brick into Builders Merchants. Then I went to EH Smith in a national specification sales role for their Porotherm division.

I returned to Jewson as a Business Unit Sales Manager looking after the external sales team then most recently, I was a Group Sales Manager for a local independent family business where I implemented and ran the external sales team whilst looking after key accounts.  After many years working in the Merchant sector I’ve now taken on a new challenge as Business Development Director at GCS – the leading recruitment company within the Merchant and Building Supplies sector.

Why did you join GCS?
I’ve known Mike Parry & GCS in general for many years. GCS are the recruitment specialist in the sector I worked in, and we had discussed potential career moves in the past.

What really drew me to GCS was the fact it’s a smaller, fast-growing, and ambitious business where I can really make a difference. My new job as Business Development Director at GCS is an exciting opportunity plus means I can change careers yet retain and utilise the knowledge I’ve acquired within the Merchant & Building Supplies sectors.

What’s your role at GCS?
My role as Business Development Director is to speak to new and existing customers about their long- and short-term recruitment plans. Whether it be one-off Executive level hires or a retained recruitment solution to make sure businesses always have access to the best talent in the market. We also offer services like Employers Branding and Video services to help our clients retain and attract new people.

I am not only working in the Merchant and Building Supplies sectors but also Manufacturing and Engineering, as those are the key areas GCS specialise in.

How do you help Clients & Candidates?
I help clients by getting know and understanding their business. By visiting their sites, meeting them and their staff and drawing from my experience so truly understand the exact person required for a certain role in terms of skillset and culture it – this approach saves time and money for all!  Also help to help highlight and offer the other recruitment options we can offer – there is massive benefit to businesses by partnering with a specialist recruitment business such as GCS

I help candidates by being able to talk from experience and helping them to understand the next steps in their career – helping with interview and presentation prep etc.

What do you do outside of work?
I’m passionate about fitness, particularly strength training. I’ve trained since I was 11 and have coaching qualifications in boxing, self-defence & calisthenics.  I am also a football coach and have football and goalkeeping FA badges plus coach my two young boys football teams.

After that I enjoy spending time with the family, good films, and great holidays!

For more information on how GCS Associates can help your business recruit the best talent in the market, please contact Andy.

t: 07826 653 724