‘Trusted Recruitment Partner’

GCS Associates enjoy Preferred Supplier status with several key clients. We work closely with the hiring managers or the internal recruitment teams providing a consultative recruitment service. It is a testament to our trusted service that clients choose to have a closer working relationship with us.

Why use a PSL?

Using a well controller PSL can be very useful if you are in a high turnover environment, or there may not be a requirement for specialist skills. A solid PSL, should also reflect solid relationships with your recruitment partners, as they develop a sound understanding of your business, which in turn should equate to a better-quality service, reduced recruitment times, improved efficiencies and more.

A good PSL will also put added structure and clear accountability to the recruitment suppliers. KPIs can be put in place to easily monitor the performance of the suppliers. A well-functioning Preferred Supply List (PSL) should also ensure consistency as all recruitment suppliers work in accordance with your business’s ethical approach.


  • Scoring the recruitment consultancy. When determining which consultancy best meet your recruitment requirements there is certain criteria to be considered. Think about your criteria and list these, applying a simple scoring system to any tendering process.
  • This criterion could include price, contract implementation & management, understanding & approach, quality control, reporting process, resources etc.
  • Does the potential partner understand the sectors in which you operate, the values or culture of the business? 
  • What services do the consultancies offer and how do these offer value to your recruitment needs: competency Q&As, behavioural profiling, video technology, candidate presentation platforms, screening processes. How can the agency assure KPIs are meet and help you achieve your goals (improving efficiencies, talent attraction, save time, save money)?
  • Candidate contacts. How are the consultancies able to reach your target audience? Are they just posting vacancies and waiting for the responses and doing the standard search & select? Do they more a more in-depth contact list and able to reach those passive applicants that may not be readily accessible?
  • What is the consultancy’s screening process? The consultancy can offer most value but their screening process – ensuring only the very best and most suitable applicants make it through to you.
  • Does the consultancy have a proven history with you? Volume of roles? Success rates? Retention rates? If they have not worked with you previously what type of organisations have they worked with? Can they handle volume? What quality controls are in place?
  • Once you have determined those to form the Preferred Supply List (PSL) make sure clear KPIs are in place with regular reviews to ensure standards are maintained and value is continually added.
  • Numerous other agencies will approach the business and they may well be able to offer more than those currently on the PSL. It is important to not discount these and a 2nd tier PSL could be an option. Other points to consider:


Working within a PSL is something that GCS is very familiar with. We have also helped clients create their own PSL and Tendering Process as well as those under review. We are well placed to advise clients on the criteria that should be covered when tendering for the PSL. Ensuring that you select the most suitable recruitment consultancies to partner with. If you are looking to create a Preferred Supply List or review an existing one, GCS can provide assistance.


  • How many recruitment partners will be invited to apply to the PSL?
  • How many recruitment partners do you expect to form the PSL?
  • Be clear about what you want from your recruitment partners
  • How long will the PSL contract last and when will it be reviewed?
  • Are you going to use the same PSL for permanent and temporary resourcing?



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