Staff Retention is more important than ever

In their recent ‘Perfect Match’ report, the UK’s Recruitment & Confederation found that the that the manufacturing and construction industries have an average of 70% staff retention. Businesses in the construction supplies sectors were also four times more likely to say staff retention was an issue in 2019 compared with other industries.

Poor retention has real costs or businesses- unrecoverable salaries, wasted management time, training costs, agency fees and lost productivity. But there are also the less tangible damages to team productivity, new business and brand reputation.


“Hiring is one of the most important growth strategies a business can undertake. It is also one of the most difficult and costly, if done wrong.”

– UK Managing Director, Indeed. 


Businesses we speak to say with pride that they are working to 80% employee retention – it’s above average and when dealing with people it’s not an exact science. But it can be! Flipping it on its head there’s potential for a 20% improvement in the recruitment process and with this, considerable cost savings!

Once we’ve worked out your current staff turnover, we need to look at why some may be leaving. It may be a below average remuneration, instability within the business, lack of opportunity, the work environment or lack of cultural fit. It may be employees feel that the responsibilities given to them don’t match their expectations, perhaps due to indistinct discussions of what exactly the job entails during the interview process. Uncertainties can then get in the way of employee relations causing another stumbling block in talent retention.

Much of these retention issues are down to inefficient, expensive and inaccurate recruitment processes. Here at GCS Associates, we are matching timeless specialism with progressive technology, finding you the talent that we know will stick. Our model is built around retention and our results speak for themselves: 96% staff retention.

At GCS we eliminate all uncertainty and inaccuracy. No more guess work. No more avoidable mistakes. We take out the ambiguity when attracting talent into our clients. It’s about doing our job properly – combining specialist experience with cutting edge technology and methodologies. We believe we are a true consultancy. We work with our clients to improve efficiencies, improve talent attraction, save time, improve staff retention and most importantly save money for our clients.

GCS have used the RECs independent report, taken their calculations and created a clever algorithm that can determine the true cost of hiring in your business.

Why not find out the efficiencies of your current recruitment processes and how much hiring is costing your business by using our FREE Recruitment Process Audit.




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