Streamlining Recruitment Processes for Headlam’s Nationwide Branch Opening Project

Client Overview:

Headlam is Europe’s largest distributor of floor coverings, boasting a substantial UK turnover of £700 million. With an extensive footprint in the flooring industry, Headlam embarked on a Nationwide Branch Opening (NBO) Project to expand its reach and enhance its service offerings.

Client Challenge:

Headlam sought a reliable recruitment partner to oversee the staffing of their NBOs. Each branch mirrored a similar environment to Paintwell branches, comprising 5,500 square foot units with a small team of three: one Branch Manager and two Sales Assistants catering to trade clients.

Solution Provided by GCS:

Recognising GCS Associates’ expertise in talent acquisition, Headlam engaged GCS to manage the recruitment process for their NBO Project. GCS swiftly identified suitable candidates to meet the specific requirements of each branch, ensuring timely and efficient staffing. Impressed by the success of the initial project, Headlam extended their partnership with GCS for broader recruitment needs.

Client Testimonial:

“We started working with GCS earlier this year (2023), primarily to head up the recruitment for our branch opening project. To date, GCS have delivered on all new branch deadlines and currently have a fill rate of over 95% which is fantastic. As a result of this initial success, we have gone to GCS for the delivery on other roles. It has been a pleasure working with the team at GCS.”
Rebekah Smallwood, Head of People and Organisational Development

Key Statistics:

Offer to Vacancy Ratio: 95.83%
Drop-out Rate: 8.69%
Retention Rate: 100%
69 offers in 10 months

Michael Parry, Managing Director at GCS Associates, emphasizes the strength of their partnership with Headlam: “Our collaboration with Headlam showcases the effectiveness of aligning recruitment strategies with the client’s specific needs. We’re proud to have contributed to the success of their NBO Project and look forward to continuing to support their growth initiatives.”


The collaboration between Headlam and GCS Associates exemplifies how a strategic recruitment partnership can streamline operations, ensure timely staffing, and drive success in critical projects. By leveraging GCS’s expertise, Headlam achieved exceptional results in their branch expansion endeavors, setting a benchmark for future recruitment initiatives.

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