We don’t find the right person for you and you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that. We rely on our industry experience, contacts we have in the various sectors to ensure that we provide you with a shortlist of qualified candidates within your specific timescales. We embrace the art of recruitment and do it right.

Contingency recruitment has merits but in our humble opinion there are some pitfalls to watch out for. To understand more about Contingency v Retained Recruitment please follow the link below.



At GCS we stand for a number of core values and we believe when engaging with any recruitment consultancy you should expect the following every single time:

  • Professional Representation – Of your organisation, the candidates and ourselves
  • Trust – Being able to trust the consultancy to deliver
  • Reduction in Commercial Downtime – Providing an intelligent and responsive service to minimise the commercial downtime of time poor clients
  • Improved Interview Efficiency
  • Improved Staff Retention
  • Time & Cost Savings

If the above is achieved every single time then the consultancy is adding value. You, as the client are happy, the candidates are happy and we, the consultancy will be happy!

We are always striving to achieve these levels of standard. But unfortunately, when working in Contingency Recruitment it is often like swimming against the tide. With lots of other agencies fighting over each other to get the candidates CVs that ‘look’ right to the client. It is a race. When working in this environment, inevitably standards slip. Whatever they say, the suppliers simply cannot consistently achieve the goals they would like.

The result is: We don’t like it. You, the client doesn’t like it. And the candidates don’t like it – they feel they are being messed around; their applications get lost amongst dozens of non-identifying CVs. It’s a common misconception that working with multiple agencies is the most efficient way of filling a vacancy. Casting the net wide to multiple agencies to get the best candidates. It simply isn’t the case and you, as the client suffer resulting in:

  • Poor talent attraction
  • Poor candidate & client experience
  • Weakened brand
  • Time wasted
  • Collapse of recruitment process
  • Reduced staff retention
  • Ultimately money ill-spent.



Having to shift through dozens of CVs (mostly unsuitable or duplicates)

  • More CVs are sent, you have to trawl through more irrelevant CVs – if a candidate seems to fit the role and say they are interested, the agency is likely to send them over to cover themselves even if they don’t truly believe in that applicant. Standards drop, due diligence isn’t applied, and your time is wasted.
  • CVs clogging your inbox, coming in from numerous email addresses
  • Having to get in between agencies disputing candidate ownership
  • Having to analyse many CVs, read between the lines – it’s time consuming.
  • Relying on the overview of a recruitment consultant
  • Candidates not attending interviews / Carrying out unsuccessful interviews
  • Getting to final interview only for something to happen that results in the process starting from scratch again
  • Making an offer to a candidate only for that individual to get counter offered and simply reject the offer.
  • The huge frustration of wasting precious time on inappropriate and unsuccessful interviews.

Wouldn’t it be better to engage with a supplier where an intelligent, dedicated and responsive service can be provided each and every time? Where the time-wasting element and guesswork is removed from the recruitment process. Where the leg work is done for you and the CV forms only part of the candidates shortlisted to you. Where interview efficiencies are at a level where the only dilemma will be which applicant you make an offer to. Where a candidate-led process attracts and engages with the best talent.

Technology in recruitment has evolved and we believe the traditional recruitment process can be considerably improved.



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