GCS Team Proud to Raise Money for UK Charity, MIND

This Summer, GCS Associates Recruitment Consultant, Kimberley Hollis took part in Spartan 5K obstacle race at Belvoir Castle in Grantham to raise money for the fantastic charity, Mind. Joined by our Managing Director, Michael Parry, Kimberley completed the race of 20 tough obstacles as well as finishing within 40 minutes!

Kimberley said,

“I am currently undertaking my Level 3- Recruitment Consultant NVQ with Apprenticeship Connect, as part of my Course I was asked to carry out an extracurricular activity! So, I chose to do something that I really hate 1- running, 2- obstacles (I have no upper body strength)! 3- MUD!

It was a really tough obstacle course, but MIND is a charity close to my heart and has really helped me and my family previously. I am so happy with the amount I raised and can’t wait to do another one!”

Kimberley is currently in this process of completing her qualification at Apprenticeship Connect and their apprentices and employees have been taking on several fitness challenges across the summer of 2023 to raise money for the mental health charity, Mind.

Apprentice Connect commented

“As a training provider, we believe in supporting our apprentices’ mental and physical well-being. Poor mental health impacts everyone and doesn’t discriminate; 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem every year in England*.

We’re passionate about contributing to social change and we encourage our employers, apprentices, and employees to get involved and help support us in giving back to the community.”

Well done to all and good luck at the next event!

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GCS Associates are attending the Builders Merchant Awards 2023!

Taking place at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge on Friday 24 November 2023, the 22nd Awards ceremony promises to be another spectacular occasion for the 800 plus in attendance.

During the past two decades, the Builders’ Merchants Awards have built up an unrivalled reputation for recognising the great and good across the builders’ merchant sector.

The Awards offer the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the amazing people, teams, projects and innovations that have helped our industry grow the economy and helped community safety and sustainability.

The Builders Merchant Awards comments:

“The Builders’ Merchants Awards are the longest running industry awards, recognising colleagues, companies and teams from across the United Kingdom.

Over 24 categories, the Builders’ Merchants Awards acknowledge the tremendous achievements from across the industry.

Every year over 700 colleagues gather at the Builders’ Merchants Awards to celebrate achievement and to raise a glass to those who have excelled in the industry”.

Managing Director at GCS Associates, Michael Parry said,

“The Builders Merchant Awards are a fantastic opportunity for us to toast all the hard work, commitment, and determination which everyone within the sector has put in to ensure the Builders Merchant sector has flourished over the past few years.

As a sector we’ve recruited into for the past 15 years, we see the talent, energy and dedication of Merchant employees every day and are looking forward to celebrating some of the best in the industry at this event”

All entries are now in and finalists will be announced on 17th October 2023.

For further details, visit the website: www.merchants-awards.co.uk.

Good luck to all the entrants and GCS Associates look forward to celebrating your fantastic achievements at the awards ceremony.

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UK Merchants Workloads rise but Skill-shortages still an Issue

By Simon Cain, Recruitment Consultant, GCS Associates

The skills crisis within the wider construction sector has been widely reported after CITB’s annual Construction Skills Network report in January concluded that 45,000 new construction workers were needed each year to meet demands between now and 2027. According to the Builders Merchant News, the challenges are almost identical within the building materials supply sector with a similar need to grow the workforce in line with construction growth.

Why is there a skills shortage?

Put simply, we have an ageing workforce, and there are dwindling numbers of young people entering the building trade. As the current workforce nears retirement, new blood is essential to replace those who leave. The current crisis has resulted because there hasn’t been that steady drip-feed of replacement over the past few decades. The last big boom in recruitment was during the 1980s – 40 years ago. These are the workers now approaching retirement.

Unfortunately, little has been done to make construction and building materials sectors seem like an attractive career choice for Millennials and Generation Z, especially next to the proliferation of new opportunities fuelled by digital technology. There is the perception – not unfounded – that construction lags behind other industries in digital transformation, further discouraging the digital natives amongst potential new entrants.

It’s also worth noting the lack of diversity within the industry, where white males make up a massive majority. Women account for around 12% of construction employees, the same percentage as those from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. There are thousands of potential new entrants who might be put off joining an industry that they feel doesn’t represent them.

What can Employers do?

To succeed in meeting talent demands in a candidate-short market, employers must concentrate on developing strategies for both attracting and retaining talented employees.

Here are five ways to make your business more attractive to candidates and fulfil changing employee expectations.

  1. Review your hiring processes
  2. Offer the benefits that employees really want
  3. Build a positive and inclusive company culture and tell people about it
  4. Invest in your people

5. Invest in Employer Branding

Michael Parry, Managing Director at GCS Associates comments,
‘It can be challenging, but developing a smart, forward thinking employer brand will not only attract and engage potential employees but motivate and retain current employees too. These days it’s not enough to just invest in marketing products and services, developing a robust employer brand will put your ahead of the competition and make your business really stand out to potential employees. Apprenticeships are also a great way to attract talent and with the new government schemes in place, should begin to be easier to implement too”

Future Proofing the Sector

To facilitate future success, it is vital that leaders take action to address the severe talent shortage. Tackling recruitment and technology challenges in tandem will help companies become the best advertisement in attracting talent, not just for themselves but for the sector as a whole. Organisations must also invest in the skills that will meet growing needs such as net zero emissions.

Purpose-driven organisations will attract a more diverse range of employees into the industry. While implementing digital tools and processes, especially in times of talent shortages, can be daunting, it could be what firms need to give them a competitive edge and maintain their post-pandemic recovery. Not only will it help achieve longer term goals, but it will also help to ease pressures within the workforce in the short term.

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