Build a Career with GCS Associates

If you’re considering or have ever considered becoming a recruiter, and have experience in industry, there has never been a better time to get on board. GCS Associates has continued to grow over our 15-year history. We now operate in 2 regional offices and have the largest network and geographical coverage of any recruitment company in the Building Supplies and Merchant sector. So, we think we’ve got a fairly good idea about what it takes to be a success in the recruitment world.

The right attitude and personality is a crucial consideration when taking on an employee in any role, and this is especially true in recruitment. Ours is a challenging yet hugely rewarding industry, and what you get out of it is wholly dependent upon what you put in. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded but adopt a half-hearted approach and you can only expect to enjoy limited success.

We hire based on personal strengths and potential, rather than your CV, experience, or background. We believe that ambition, being passionate about people and a desire to be successful are the only prerequisites – everything else, we can teach you. If you’re interested in a career as a Construction Supplies recruiter at GCS Associates, read on:

Construction Supplies sector is booming

When considering a career in recruitment, one thing should stand out – the importance of working in a market that matches your own interests, as well as one that provides opportunities to get involved in an exciting, evolving sector.

The Construction Supplies and Builders Merchant worlds have and are continuing to diversify and thrive post-covid. With sustainability and digitalisation investment increasing a range of jobs opportunities and the construction materials market progressing with ever-changing innovations to products.

Furthermore, despite the wider economic uncertainty, Brexit and COVID, the construction supplies market has remained resilient, with hiring ongoing and companies in this sector largely optimistic about business activity.

As such, there is no shortage of jobs to fill. It’s a busy time to be a recruiter in construction supplies, and a time in which you will have many opportunities to really make a difference to an organisation by finding the right candidate.

The market is diverse and exciting

The construction supplies sector is very diverse and covers a vast array of professional areas including sales, pricing, procurement, marketing as well as other in-demand trades.

Not only does this mean that you have a diverse range of options in which to carve out your niche, but by immersing yourself in any of these professional environments you will learn how the wider construction supplies sector operates, and potentially get involved in some high-profile projects.

This could mean finding talented professionals to open new production warehouses, or providing employees who will help innovate and create new products. There are some very impressive and unique opportunities to get excited by and play an important part in.

Why consider GCS Associates?

Due to our current and historic track record of delivering to our clients, the GCS Associates name holds real gravitas in the industry.

As a result, we can offer new recruits the best starting base to work from – established customer relationships as well as a highly-trusted brand when talking to new people, which, coupled with our access to the best recruitment tools and technology on the market, means that we can support clients and candidates faster and better than the competition.

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